K.J.V. Holy Bible App Reviews

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The Word of God

Very good! The true Word of God in an excellent app. Thank you very much! God bless you!

The Holy Bible King James Version

Well organized.


The Holy book Bible is the only book of life given freely onto mankind. That is why there is no doubt that all solution to any type of problem in this world is found in this Holy scriptures. I am more than confident and with greater assurance that the entire world is able to obtain peace, health, proper management, prosperity, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and reverence with self respect toward mankind, and all living things and the universe. Why am I that sure of my self? This is because God is never too late, always faithful and He never lie.

Its great.. but

Could you add a book mark so I dont lose my place in the Holy Bible? It annoys me when I have to reread to find out where I last read.


Needs a bookmark, an a highlight


Blessing from the above

Bible app

This bible app is great, it doesnt use really any data so can read anywhere. Also it is not in order which also makes reading fun or more interesting I have read through more of the bible I believe because it is structured like this.

KJV of the bible

Very convenient app. Always have a bible on hand. Very convenient when going from one book or chapter to another.


Very Good

Easy to use

Love this app

Bible made simple!

I enjoy reading the bible, the text is easy to read and understand.

Great app.

Wish there were a bookmark option of some sort. Other than that its a great app.


Great to find the scriptures easily. I wish it had bookmarks so I cam refereed back to my readings. Love it though.

Life Changing

This is a great way to reference the Word of God. May God bless you

Simple, easy to read, kjv.

Nice app. The bible is separated into chapters. Old and new testament included. Jesus words in red.


I love the bible

Landscape facility for Bible app

This is a very nice programme, However it would be even better if it had a landscape aspect and a zoom facility as well. Thank you for a good app.

Best Bible App

Of all the Bible Apps. I tried this one is the best. So easy to use. Whoever thought of this format is a genius. Thank you.

Excellent app

Thank you for this app it is very comforting to have access to the Holy Bible and favourite verses, literally at your fingertips. Thank you

Mobile app

Great app & user friendly. The layout makes it easy to find scriptures and books of the bible. So easy? Even a caveman can use it.

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