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K.J.V. Holy Bible app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: ThoughtFul

The King James Version Holy Bible.

Pros and cons of K.J.V. Holy Bible app for iPhone and iPad

K.J.V. Holy Bible app good for

Very good! The true Word of God in an excellent app. Thank you very much! God bless you!
The Holy book Bible is the only book of life given freely onto mankind. That is why there is no doubt that all solution to any type of problem in this world is found in this Holy scriptures. I am more than confident and with greater assurance that the entire world is able to obtain peace, health, proper management, prosperity, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and reverence with self respect toward mankind, and all living things and the universe. Why am I that sure of my self? This is because God is never too late, always faithful and He never lie.
I enjoy reading the bible, the text is easy to read and understand.
Great to find the scriptures easily. I wish it had bookmarks so I cam refereed back to my readings. Love it though.
This is a great way to reference the Word of God. May God bless you
Nice app. The bible is separated into chapters. Old and new testament included. Jesus words in red.

Some bad moments

I D/L the Bible thinking I was getting a serious piece of reference material. First thing I saw was an ad for something else. People that write apps should have the common decency to NOT put ads in them. If you need to be paid, the charge for it, but dont put junk ads on peoples phones.
I got this app expecting to have a bible on my iPod. I did NOT, however, expect to find ads in the bible. I mean, come on! Jesus turned over the merchants tables in the temple, so why should there be ads in a bible?
Making an app takes a lot so I wasnt to mad about the ads. I was looking for a KJV bible for my phone and this is it, easy to use and read, would recommend.
I love this app, but it would be all the better if the words of our Lord Jesus Christ were in red print. It would also be really nice if you could bookmark your the book in the Bible which you are reading, the chapter, and the verse.
This is a really good app its a good kjv bible and I am really happy with it I am going to keep it
It would be nice if I was able to highlight and bookmark. Also, the add at the bottom is very distracting! Otherwise, its ok.

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